About me

I am passionate about computer science and the use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of society. I am a student at the University of Melbourne, studying a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). I am currently looking for a summer internship in the field of software engineering, data science, or artificial intelligence.

I can work with a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, C, and JavaScript. I have also had my fair share of academic tutoring experience, having tutored a number of high schoool students in mathematics.

What i'm doing

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    Learning about computer science and artificial intelligence, and how to apply them to solve real-world problems.

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    Using Python for data analysis, Java for object-oriented programming, C for algorithms and data structures, and JavaScript for web development.

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    Professional experience in automating business processes using Zapier, Make, and n8n.

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    Becoming more and more interested in documenting life and sharing them with others.


  • Raphael Azot

    Raphael Azot

    David was hired to create an integration between n8n and Datagma. He was very proactive and helpful.

  • Mohammad H

    Mohammad H

    David provides a great service. He tutored me during the lockdowns in 2020 while I was struggling with Year 11 Math Methods. I was pretty sure I was going to drop it as a subject, but I decided to give tutoring a shot before I gave up entirely. Thanks to David, I am confident in my mathematical ability this year; undertaking Math Methods with a higher standard than I thought I would be able to achieve before David's tutoring.

  • Maria Curtolo

    Maria Curtolo

    David is a talented maths student with a very deep knowledge of the concepts covered. He would make an amazing maths tutor. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any tutoring job.

  • Anthony Lynch

    Anthony Lynch

    David is very knowledge about maths and is a deep thinker often going beyond the surface of each concept. He is very helpful and patient with his approach to working with others. I would highly recommend working with David.




  1. University of Melbourne

    2021 — 2023

    Major in Computing and Software Systems with additional subjects in Economics and Mathematics.


  1. Automation expert at The Joinary

    2021 — Present

    Creating workflows for businesses to automate their processes.

  2. Mathematics Tutor

    2017 — Present

    Teach students mathematics and help them understand concepts to a deeper level.


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